10 Golden Rules of Parenting

Children grow up all by themselves - the question is just how. The fact that education is usually not child's play, parents experience daily. There is no universal recipe that helps children grow into balanced, social and competent personalities. The following 10 rules of parenting could, however, provide parents with suggestions and guidance.

1. Give your child time

Find the balance between promoting and overburdening: Children need free, unplanned time to develop. Gymnastics on Mondays, on Tuesdays early English, Friday's chorus - this is the everyday life of many preschool children. What is well meant, overwhelms many children. They need time to become creative themselves and even to do nothing. The best ideas often come out of phases of boredom.

2. Not every child is equal

The development of a child can be influenced only conditionally from the outside: Of course, you can mentally challenge your child by interacting with him a lot and by using the suitable game material. Nevertheless, your offspring will not run or learn to speak at his own pace. The motor development follows a kind of internal schedule, which can look very different for each child.

3. Trust your gut feeling

Trust your intuition: expert tips, educational guides and the pressure on children and parents to meet all the demands of everyday life can burden families. So, free yourself from the exaggerated expectations of others and trust your gut feeling. Can your child not speak at the age of two? Absolutely no matter! But in other areas of development, it may be superior to its peers.

4. Always protect your child from excessive media consumption

The use of media is part of everyday life in many families. But the consequences for children are still underestimated. Even many programs and games conceived for children overwhelm little ones and they have problems processing what they have seen. This can have a lasting effect on social and emotional development - in a negative sense. Never leave your child alone in front of the TV: The TV is not a babysitter.

5. Create time in your hectic everyday life

Eat together, cuddle up in the parent's bed, be lazy together - in a busy everyday life often leaves little time for quiet family activities. This should be counteracted because it strengthens the sense of belonging to the family and your children feel safe and relaxed.

6. Replace penalty with logical consequences

Often there is no comprehensible link between a punishment and the "offence" of the child. It makes no sense to punish late arrivals with television prohibition. The child can not understand such sanctions and finds it difficult to accept them.

7. Rituals give children safety

Recurring rituals are important for children because they give structure to their everyday life. In addition, they help families to strengthen the sense of community. Pre-bed rituals help children to better process the events of the day and fall asleep more quickly.

8. Teach your child about consequences and compromise

Children need rules and keep asking for boundaries to be pointed out to them. That does not mean you can not compromise. However, you do not do yourself or your child any favours when you show yourself to be too lenient - children who always want to get their way, sooner or later encounter problems at school and in society.

9. Parents should be a model

Of course, you do not have to pretend. Nevertheless, you should always be aware that you are an important role model for your child - in the negative as well as in the positive sense.

10. Accept your child as they are

There will always be phases in which you do not understand your child or where there are disputes and conflicts. That is normal. Nevertheless, you should always treat your son or daughter with appreciation and show that you love your child. So it feels accepted, strengthened and can better overcome personal crises in adulthood.

Remember, there are actually no rules of parenting other than the most obvious of course! As parents we can only do our best and as the famous Beatles song states - "All you need is LOVE"

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