How to Bathe Babies Step by Step

How to bathe a baby

Bath time should be a time of pleasure for the little ones and parents. There are hundreds of products on the market that ensure complete hygiene for babies and children. When bathing a baby or child, it is necessary to gather all the necessary material and always have it close to hand. It is also important that the room offers an adequate temperature (between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius) and that there are no drafts. The water must also have a temperature between 34 and 37 degrees Celsius. Before starting to bathe the baby, you have to check that everything is prepared.

4 easy steps to bathe a baby

First step:

Put the water in the bathtub, about 5cms. It is advisable to pour the cold water first and then add the hot water little by little until you feel that the temperature is suitable. Check the temperature with a bath thermometer or with the elbow. The next step is to strip the baby, clean the nappy area beforehand and put it carefully in the bathtub. You should never put your baby in the bathtub and leave him alone.

Second step:

The baby needs to feel safe. To make it possible to position yourself at the side of the bath, put your arm under the baby's back, so that the hand reaches his shoulder on the opposite side and allows the baby's head to rest on your forearm. Hold him firmly by the armpit and do not let go at any time. To wash, use your free hand. Delicately, with the help of a sponge or your own hand, massage the baby's legs, arms, neck, chest, belly, armpits, and the entire body, with special attention to the folds in the skin.

Third step:

To turn the baby over in the bathtub and wash his back and buttock area, support the baby's chest on the other arm and hold the baby firmly by the armpits. Wash the baby's back and rinse. For his head, it is better to use a special shampoo, gentle and neutral pH, which does not cause stinging if it gets in the eyes of the child. The face should be washed without soap, only with warm water.

Fourth step:

Babies should not be in the water for more than five minutes. If the bath time is longer, the water could begin to cool down. After the bath, gently remove him from the bathtub and wrap him in a hooded towel, and before you begin to dry his body, it would be nice to give him a cozy hug.

A complete hygiene of the baby

In the first months of life and at least until the baby is 8 months old and does not hold seated, it is advisable to bathe the baby in a small plastic bathtub. After this stage, you can bathe the baby in the family bathtub. There are seats, suitable for large bathtubs, that can help parents keep their baby safe while bathing. The move to the big bathtub will be exciting to him since he will be able to bathe next to his mom or his dad, who must increase the safety measures for the little one.

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