How to Stop Your Baby Crying

How to Stop Your Baby Crying - Understanding your baby

Our babies can be the best of our lives, awaken in us feelings that we never knew we could have someday, but can also take us to our limit of patience. Some experts believe that babies' cries should be ignored, to make them more independent. However, others say that they must be picked up whenever they need it. Then what do we do? Here's a list for when you don't know how to stop your baby crying:

1. Is your baby hungry?

When a baby is hungry, it usually begins to make small noises with the mouth, as a gesture of trying to suckle. He also gets a little restless and puts his hands to his mouth. If you recognise that he is hungry and you feed him before he starts crying, you will save yourself that crying session.And you'll already be learning how to stop Your baby crying.

2. Has she a dirty nappy?

Some say that babies do not mind having a dirty nappy. I think it would bother me, it's easy to take a look. This is another step in identifying what could be upsetting your baby.

3. Does your baby need to sleep?

Sometimes, when they are very tired, it is a bit difficult for them to sleep, and that is when they cry. Try to put your baby in a comfortable place to sleep when he begins to yawn or shows signs of tiredness.

4. Your baby wants to be in your arms

Sometimes our little ones just need to feel us. They have spent 9 months in our interior and they miss that feeling of warmth and security. Inside they were always feeling us, smelling and listening, so sometimes they just need to go back to that.

5. Discomfort in the stomach

Stomach problems such as gas and colic are some of the most common causes of crying. In fact, they are ceasing to be called infant colics and are being called "inconsolable crying".

6. In need of gassing

Babies swallow a lot of air when they breastfeed or drink from a bottle, They need a release. These gases bother many and are another typical cause of crying.

7. Your baby may be too hot or too cold

Our children are very sensitive to temperatures. Keep in mind that 9 months have passed in our tummy, with a perfect and constant temperature. So, any small change, either by bathing them, changing clothes or moisture and wipes and creams, makes them very uncomfortable.

8. Irritation from hair, thread or any object

It seems silly, but it is one of the causes of that "inconsolable crying". It may be the case that one of our hair or a thread of your clothes is wrapped in a toe or hand, or even a small object is pushing against the baby. This, which for adults is not a problem, a baby can cause a horrible irritation.

9. Teething

The stage in which you start to get your teeth is usually one of the hardest. Think about how you feel when you get a toothache, so think how your little one is feeling. One way to see if a tooth is coming out is to run a finger over the gums. If you are already at this stage, you will notice the small teeth bumps wanting to come forth. Normally, the first tooth usually comes out between 4 and 7 months.

10. Excess stimulation

New sensations, sounds, feelings are all around as soon as they are born and that is why they become overwhelming.

When you think your baby has become saturated with new information, take it to a quiet place. Try to recreate the time the baby was in your belly, rolling it in a blanket and bringing it closer to you.

Do you have any tips on how to stop your baby crying? Share it with us!

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