Things that Affect your Fertility

Crazy, but true: 9 things that affect your fertility

It is crazy: As soon as friends, family, acquaintances know that you're trying to get pregnant, everyone has a piece of advice on how to do it faster. From drinking grapefruit juice to handstands after sex.

There are quite a few myths about getting pregnant. Things to do and things you should not do. Much of it is wrong. Some wisdom, as crazy as it sounds, is true and scientifically proven.


Anyone who is breastfeeding cannot get pregnant: this rumor persists. What is right: If the period has not started again you are only ovulating with a two percent chance, and pregnancy is almost impossible. But as soon as you have your cycle every month, you can get pregnant despite breastfeeding. A study has shown that 19 percent of breastfeeding mothers become pregnant within a year.


You want to get pregnant and have heard that sport is bad for fertility? Do not celebrate too early or prematurely cancel your membership in the gym. Moderate exercise does not prevent you from becoming pregnant. But: A study of 3,800 women has shown that the women who have done intensive sports almost every day have had problems with getting pregnant.

Too little sleep

Again too late in bed? This is not good if you want to get pregnant. A study published in the scientific journal Fertility and Sterility in 2014 showed that eight hours of sleep are optimal if you want to fulfill your baby wish. The production of the hormone melatonin takes place in the dark and this hormone protects the eggs from damage.

    Incidentally, fertility can even suffer if you go to sleep early during the week and are only up late at the weekend.


Without a cup of coffee, the start of the day is much harder. Studies have shown that more than one cup of coffee a day reduces the chance of getting pregnant by 50 percent. Fertility experts recommend that you should not take more than 200 mg of caffeine daily, which is approximately two cups of coffee or black tea.

    This also applies to your partner. Another study showed that men who drink virtually no coffee have a better chance of becoming fathers.

5 golden tips for fertility, with which it finally works!

Brush teeth

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is not only great in the fight against tooth decay, it should also positively affect fertility! A 2011 study by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology showed that there is a link between poor dental hygiene and fertility. Women with periodontal disease have about as big a problem getting pregnant as women who are severely overweight. So off to the dentist!


Anyone who wants to fulfill the wish to have a baby has lots of sex and tries out a lot of new things to make the love life a little more varied. In itself a good idea, but: Keep your fingers off lube. An American study published in 2014 found that many of the commercial lubricants inhibited sperm motility. But: normal baby oil does not have this effect.

The weather

Everything is simply nicer and better when the weather is good - that's also true for fertility. A 2015 study involving 12,000 women who had just had fertility treatment shows fertility is one-third higher in sunny periods.

The theory behind it: Sunshine regulates the production of the hormone melatonin, which has an impact on fertility. The production of vitamin D is also stimulated, which should improve the quality of the eggs. The best way to get pregnant: go on vacation and get plenty of sun.

The fertility of the mother

The big nose, the eye color: all that your mother has inherited. In fact, she may have inherited similar fertility. A study published in 2012 showed that the number and quality of oocytes is worse when the own mother came to menopause before mid-40. That's why: If your mother's menopause started very early, you should think about children as early as possible.

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